Originally from Austria (if you are thinking of kangaroos, that's AUSTRALIA), we have traveled many places on this beautiful globe. We lived in Los Angeles from 1999 to 2006. During those years, we have been exploring the US including Alaska and especially California intensively on numerous camping and 4-wheeling trips. On these occasions, we have ventured into undeveloped country and seen places even our native friends did not know existed. We are convinced that to get to know a place, you have to go beyond the obvious.
In 2006 we spent over six months on a journey through the Australian continent before moving back to Europe where we lived in the south of Spain for a year. Currently we are residing in Germany.

XXXpedition, Xtraordinary Xciting Xpeditions specializes on heavy duty adventure travel on the roads less traveled in search of pristine nature, challenging 4x4 trails and the ultimate backcountry experience.

Life is Short - Time to Explore!

Magdalena Schlögl


Don't arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but skid in sideways yelling: "What a ride!" (Hunter Stockton Thompson (*July 18, 1937 +February 20, 2005))
But keep your body in a well enough shape to skid sideways! (Sven Schlogl)

For our German-speaking friends:
Da jede Expedition selbst schon eine große Herausforderung darstellt, bleibt uns nur wenig Zeit für Übersetzungen. Darum bitten wir um Verständnis, wenn unsere Webseite in Englisch gehalten ist.

For our Swedish-speaking friends:
Tyvärr, ingen översättning finns tillgänglig.

For our Spanish-speaking friends:
Se ruega disculpas, pero no existe traducción disponible.

For our Egyptian-speaking friends:
Asif La Yogad Targamma beh elaraby.