Questions and Answers:

Every once in a while we receive questions about our vehicle, equipment or just questions in general...
Since we are in the process of starting Project XXX (the build-up of our new Wrangler Unlimited) we decided this might be a good time to also start a Q&A page. We hope this info is useful!

PS: Some questions come up more than once. We just post the first of each but do our best to answer anything asked...


June 2008
Q: An ASFIR aluminum skid plate - cool!
I've heard that they make solid products but getting them in North America is a challenge, if not impossible.. What are your thoughts on them?

i did a little report on them (click here) and i like them but they are hanging WAY too low - you loose about 2" (see pic) i have to modify them...


Was your JK the X or Sahara? Did you put air lockers in the front and rear? Good choice on those.


it's the JK sport diesel. it has d30 front and a d44 rear both with 4.10s (both locked).

May. 2008
Q: Your Project XXX shows a new section of Installs: I'm wondering about that Chip Tuning. What's it about?

we are planning several modifications on the truck with a lift and bigger tires. the increased turning radius will be a drag on the vehicle. fortunately the stock gearing on the jeep is already 4.10 so that will help. but to compensate a bit more we added the 22% more torque through chip tuning to help also with gas milage. i just had it added a few days ago, so i cannot give any experienced report yet...

Q: I saw on your website that you have been working on a new project XXX and planning on building up your new truck. Have you modified the vehicle yet? When are you uploading updates?

we have been working on the progress since we purchased the vehicle in november last year. We have also been in negaciations with several companies regarding sponsorship. so far we have been quite successful. the problem is that most of the companies we work with are overseas and shipments to europe come only every 3-4 month.
therefore we have to wait until all parts arrive. some equipment is already on this continent, but others is not.
please stay tuned and we will upload updates as soon as they are available!

Q: UPDATE: What kind of mileage/range are you getting per tank? Really looking forward to this one!

UPDATE beginning of May 08: now after 5500 miles we did a trip to Italy and had an average of 26.4mpg.

Mar. 2008
Q: UPDATE: What kind of mileage/range are you getting per tank? Really looking forward to this one!

UPDATE beginning of March 08: now after 2500 miles the milage became better at around 24mpg.
UPDATE end of March 08: now after 4000 miles the milage became even better at around 24.5mpg.

Jan. 2008
Q: Please post your thoughts on the 2.8CRD in that platform... is power adequate? What kind of mileage/range are you getting per tank? Really looking forward to this one!

i love the diesel! it feels a bit slow at first but when you really hit the gas pedal it takes off. it has about 30% more torque than the gas engine so it gets it moving pretty well. the 6-speed transmission is set a bit short (40mph in 5th) and high rpm on freeway speeds. but i talked to a guy who modifies jeeps here and he said they tested the JK with different tire sizes. he thinks 35's with stock gears are ideal for the torque and speed. in europe all JKs come with a dana 44 rear. only issue with 35s is the dana 30 front. but as long as you don't go too crazy (and here that's difficult anyhow) you should be fine.

as to milage: i'm only on the 4th tank and milage has been getting better, but right now i'm at around 22 mpg around town.
as to range: it's a 17 gal tank so it should get about 375 miles on a tank...

Q: Have you been able to resolve the roof leaks yet?

just picked it up from the dealer last night. they redid all the seals around the windshield and the center joint on the panel. i'm not sure if it's still leaking yet. i did a test with destilled water and it was fine. but now i have a bad whistling wind-noise on the freeway :-((( doesn't seem to stop.

Q: I'm reading [on a forum] that you have issues with water pushing into your interior... Do you know the problem?

this seems to be a general JK problem. my jeep is not the only one - this is an issue with JKs all over the world. if you read through different online boards, you'll see this issue come up pretty much everywhere.
i took my wrangler back to the dealer a few times and they replaced the seal (once three times in one repair). i hope that does not stay a reacurring problem! There are a few TSB (technicle service bulletins) about this - click here

Dec. 2007
Q: Sweet - which diesel engine? Is it the V6 you can get in commanders here? If so wow - nice drivetrain. Why not a Rubicon? Too expensive there?

no it's the 2.8l, 4-cyl crd (austrian-built). but it's pretty good [about 20% more torque than the gas engine]. running 33's or even 35's without diff-changes is easy and even legal here...
rubicons are not available in germany. in austria they are, but the base model is already 4000 euros more than here and the rubicon is 7000 euros more than the base - too much. fitting the rig with ARBs is way cheaper!

Q: May I ask why not a Toyota diesel, with a bed to build on, since you probably have access to these there?
I hope I am not opening a philosophical discussion here.

well, i actually looked at the toyota hilux (tacoma) but it has ifs and as you know i prefer straight axle... the 4-door's bed is too short and the 2-door has very limited seating space in the rear.
and the new 70-series needs to be imported and is more expensive.

the jeep was the best thing for money (i did get a REALLY good price)
and i hope to be able to use some of my original sponsors (not necessarily possible with a toyota or nissan...)

Q: [any new] destinations to explore?
A: the plan is morocco 2008 (probably late 08[/09]) we need to make some money first :-))))))
Q: ...that looks like the start of a great project!
Are you revealing any build up details yet???

well, well..................
no, no, it' not a secret. at least not everything.
the interior will be modified similar to the XJ with some updates/improvements (hopefully :-))
the exterior:
my first plan is a lift and bigger tires. probably 33's.
with the DIESEL!!!!! engine i don't have to regear and with this setup it is fairly easy to comply to [road] regulations.
and i hope to be able to use the same sponsors, although the rig will be mild compared to the XJ. it's too hard to modify vehicles in germany...

i also want to try to keep the gas (diesel) milage as good as possible (with about 9 $/gal). i don't even know what it is right now because i'm still on the first tank :-))
for now it stays stock. i have to get something going with sponsors first :-)

May 2007
Q: What happened to your cool Cherokee?

the xj had to stay in australia...
well, after a lot of hesitation we decided to sell the truck down under. it had over 250k miles on it and after rolling it twice in the states its body took its beating. thousands of miles of corrugated road in oz didn't help. the roofrack broke through the gutter three times. although we welded it every time the roof separated completely from the rest of the body. due to this condition the rig was not going to survive the technical inspection it would have to go through in europe. therefore it wouldn't have been road worthy and couldn't have been registered. for this reason we thought it's not worth spending a lot of money to ship the vehicle around the globe...