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For a few days we visited Berlin, the previously divided city, with its history of west and east block. Now it shines in a new light with many contemporary buildings although you can very clearly tell the old eastern influence on some buildings.
We took a quick trip to Wasserburg am Inn, a medieval town fairly close to Munich. The river Inn loops around in a tight arch and creates a spectacular location.
Pentecoste provided a three-day weekend and we visited Prague, the "Golden City". Famous for its spires, bridges and impressive architecture, the capital of the Czech Republic draws thousands of tourists. We happened to be there during the International Prague Marathon and saw the winner cross the finish line.
We took advantage of a long weekend to drive to northern Italy for four days. We journeyed south along the west coast of Lake Garda and then continued to Mantova, Ferrara and Verona before returning north along the eastern shore of Lake Garda again.
Over a weekend we drove to the southwest corner of Germany to visit the lake 'Bodensee' the shores of which are situated in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
A few impressions of Munich...

Trips during the time we lived in Spain.